Bhoothnath Returns

I was watching this movie in Goa before leaving for the airport. We had an hour to kill and somehow we switched to this movie. I liked what I saw and promptly downloaded it on reaching home.

Bhoothnath Returns is a sequel to Bhoothnath. I have seen the latter only in bits and parts so don't know the whole story.
Basically, Bhoothnath (Amitabh Bachan) is a friendly ghost and makes friends with the kid who can see him in part 1. In BR, the bhooths in bhooth world mock him because he could not even scare children. He wants to be born again as a human for which there is a very long wait and the bhooths challenge him to go back to earth and scare kids. When he reaches the earth he meets Akhrot (Parth Bhalerao) who helps him scare kids. In return, BN helps him earn lots of money by making ghosts living in under construction buildings leave. Basically, he solves the problems of the ghosts and then they leave earth.

That is first half of the movie. In the 2nd half they come across Boman Irani, a scoundrel of a politician. Bhoothnath decides to contest the election against Boman from the Dharavi constituent. Yes... apparently he can. Because he does not have a death certificate so technically, he is not dead. In fact, somebody had voted with his voter ID in the previous election. So yes, a ghost can contest an election. And people do vote for him.
I liked the movie... the idea is very different. What was required was a tighter script, a lot of things like lectures on India and corruption could have been edited out.
But overall it is a good movie. It reminded me of Munna bhai series.

Do watch it.


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