Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin

I wanted to watch this flick for a very long time. I had downloaded it months back and decided to watch it today.
I have seen many movies directed by Sudhir Mishra (though not all but am determined to) and I have liked all of them. There is something unique about each movie and none of them are boring or bad. He gets the story, characters and casting right. Always.
IRKSN stars Nirmal Pandey, Tara Deshpande, Kaushal Kishore, Ashish Vidyarthi and Smriti Mishra.

There are 2 stories running parallel and then they intersect.
Nirmal is married to Tara but is having an affair with Smriti. The weird part is till the end he keeps telling them both he loves them but does not want to break up with any of them. Just like a man. Tara finds out about his mistress and throws him out of the house. He goes to a bar to drink and calls her over and over again to apologize but she keeps hanging up.
While Ashish is a gangster who thinks Kaushal (his gang member) betrayed him and has aligned with his enemy. During the confrontation between Ashish and Kaushal, Kaushal's wife is killed by Ashish's men. And Kaushal starts baying for his blood. In this scenario, Ashish and his men are in the same bar (as Nirmal) where they want to make a phone call but Nirmal is too busy pestering Tara. An altercation follows during which Nirmal slaps Ashish by accident. Ashish's ego is badly hurt and he wants to now kill Nirmal.
Throughout the night, Nirmal is on the run. He calls his friend for help who brings the mistress (Smriti) also along.
In the end, Ashish, Kaushal and many gang members are killed. And Nirmal stays with his wife because his mistress decides to leave town.
Its an interesting movie with a different story. It is also weird to watch a flick where Nirmal uses a pager because celphones didn't exist then.
There are 2 songs which is quite good- Kuch tum kaho and Jeevan kya hai.
A good movie. Worth a watch.
I am making a list of Sudhir Mishra movies so I can watch them all this month.


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