Happy New Year

I watched Happy New Year last night... not in the theatre. There are some actors who generally plays themselves or a version of their character in every movie - Salman, Ajay Devgan and Shahrukh... I do not spend money on their movies. I cannot give my money to someone who assumes am dumb.
To get through the movie I did a twitter review and that is what am going to post here.

Watching Happy New year. Lets see how many mins I last? Lets start the twitter review

No budget for dialogue writer in hny. All dialogues copied from all srk films

If only srk focused more on his acting than the 6 pack abs which just look yuck.

Now Sonu sood's abs... They are a different story altogether

I am unfriending all the people on fb who watched this movie

Need to start with my husband

Even the background music has been copied. Is there anything original in the movie?

Poor Boman Irani. Such a great actor reduced to a caricature
Stunts copied from Matrix. Shameful Farah, shameful. Its called plagiarism

Boman - Its a bloody joke. So true

Lux Cozi branding on Abhishek's tee. Classy

If they need Jackie's son's fingerprints to enter the vault, how can his humshakal help?????

A role fitting for Abhishek. His special talent in the movie is puking

Love Sonu Sood. He is so cute

Mohan Kapoor is also in the movie. Seeing him after so long

So srk help build the vault predicting that diamonds will be sent to it for 1 day only. How smart is he!!!

Has Naseeruddin Shah disowned Vivaan yet for ruining his reputation 'coz he totally should

Really offensive spoof of Saroj Khan. Horrible. Pathetic, Farah, pathetic

Jackie Shroff is a scary villain. He is the only one who has actually acted instead of sleep walking

Abhishek is more irritating than srk in . Not Deepika yet. Sigh!!!

Deepika wants izzat 'coz nobody respects a bar dancer

Deepika is already in love with srk. At least wait for him to show u his abs re. Kachra kar Diya

Srk just called her cheap and bazaaru aurat. Show her ur abs NOW.

What is the purpose of srk's abs in the movie???

If Vivaan had a video to blackmail the judges and hack into system for jury votes, why did they need to actually learn dance

Other sponsors of pnb metlife and Nokia

Add Puma to the sponsors list

Why do female lead characters in Bollywood have such low self esteem?

So if srk likes a woman he will call her cheap, bazaaru, item etc. Sounds like a pakka indian man

And now Deepika shows her abs to make srk fall for her

Why did they need to participate in WDC if Vivaan could have hacked into system and allotted the room anyway?

Diamonds disguised as ice. Which dumbo writer thought of the shitty idea?

Is that Dino Morea?

has ridiculed dance in the worst way possible

So they killed off srk's father to gain sympathy for him and make him seem less of an asshole

Absolutely moronic, stupid, iq draining, copycat movie with bad music, horrible acting, unfunny jokes and unnecessary abs


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