This has been the only Vishal Bharadwaj movie I hadn't watched and so I decided to do so yesterday. 
I will review it keeping in mind that it is a childern's movie... targeted at kids... but good enough to be enjoyed by adults.

The movie stars Shweta Prasad as Chunni/Munni, Shabana Azmi as the witch, Makrand Deshpande as Kallu, and Aalap Mazgaonkar as Mughal-e-Azam. 

It is set in a small village where Chunni and Munni are twins. Chunni is very, very naughty and best friends with Mughal-e-Azam. Her sister Munni is the complete opposite- good, nice, naive, honest and always gets fooled by Chunni's pranks. There is a mansion which is supposed to be haunted by a witch and nobody enters the place. The legend goes that anyone who has entered the place has not returned. In fact, there are many kids who have gone missing in 5 years and the cops themselves are afraid of entering it.
One prank on Munni by Chunni leads her into the mansion and she disappears. Chunni is distraught and seeks help but nobody believes her since her credibility is at an all time low. She decides to venture alone inside and is caught by the witch. The witch strikes a deal with her... she will let Munni go if she gets her 100 hens.
Now, this is a problem because Chunni does not have the money to buy hens and cannot tell anyone about this else the witch will never return Munni. There is only 1 butcher in the village- Kallu who is a tyrant. She starts stealing 1 hen every night but Kallu becomes suspicious. Finally, she confides in Mughal-e-Azam and they realize that the witch is lying.
In the end, with the help of their school teacher they realize the witch has been trapping kids for 5 years to help her dig out treasure hidden in the mansion. Everyone is freed and the witch is caught. 

I liked the movie... the witch scenes were scary and looked authentic... all the actors are superb... Shweta Basu has played both characters well. It also has a moral... that there are no witches/ghosts... and everything should be investigated. 

Except 1 I did not like the songs... but they help to take the story further. 
Worth a watch. 


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