After a bad movie (Sulemani Keeda) and the worst dinner at Yo China I wanted to watch something good. 

I missed watching Nightcrawler in the theatre because of the dumb and stupid Interstellar. I wish I had spent money on this flick instead. After searching and waiting for weeks, finally a good copy is available online.

The movie has been directed by Dan Gilroy and this is first movie. Wow!!! It stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou Bloom in the main lead. He is small time thief and his life changes when he comes across a guy shooting a video at the crime scene. He gets to know that the footage of the crime scene can be sold to the news channels for money. He immediately steals a bike and sells it off for a video recorder. He sells the first footage to a news channel with the least TRPs whose morning news director - Nina played by Rene Russo really appreciates it and encourages him to shoot more. Lou hires Rick, a homeless guy in dire need of money, as an intern. Rick is played by Riz Ahmed (Was in The Reluctant Fundamentalist). I loved Riz in TRF and was very happy to see him in this flick. He is soooo good in this role. 
Lou becomes ambitious and starts tampering with the crime scene to get better footage. He also forces Nina to have sex with him since she really, really needs the TRPs to extend her contract with the TV channel. But what happens next is mind blowing. He reaches a crime scene before the cops, sees the murderers fleeing... and gets a footage of the car in which they leave and the crime scene. He sells off this footage to Nina for a lot of money. Then, he finds out who the murderers are with the car registration number, reaches their home address and follows them. When the murderers stop at a restaurant for a meal he calls the cops and gets footage of the shoot out and car chase of the criminals and the cops. Also, he gets Rick killed and shoots his death too. 
The cops suspect that he withheld information and manipulated them to get footage but they don't have evidence and cannot arrest him. In the end, he starts his video company and hires new interns.

This is such a messed up movie... in a good way. Why don't we have such movies in Bollywood? It was scary... exciting... thrilling... nail biting. I was glued and couldn't even go to pee. Superb... superb movie. Jake Gyllenhaal plays the role of the psycho so well. 
I am blown away. 


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