Sulemani Keeda

Lesson learned today: Always... always... always rely on Anupama Chopra's reviews on her youtube channel Film Companion. They are the most authentic and genuine reviews. 
I watched this movie despite her 2.5 stars and regret it. 

The movie is about 2 struggling movie writers- Dulal played by Naveen Kasturia (Chai Sutta chronicles fame from TVF) and Mainak played by Mayank Tewari. They get rejected by film makers and in their spare time try to hit on girls in the weirdest manner possible. They meet Ruma- Aditi Vasudev at a pub and Dulal and she hit it off immediately. Ruma is a corporate lawyer aspiring to be a photographer and leaving for USA to pursue her masters in 3 days. Dulal falls for her and ends up at the door of her house proposing his love for her just as she is about to leave for USA. No, she does not stay. She is practical enough to realize it's a rebound for him. 
In the end, Mainak becomes a writer of a successful movie and Dulal has been travelling around the country and writing the manuscript for a book.

The situations are real... dialogues are real... people are real... characters are real... the story is a let down. Nothing much happens in the first half and the 2nd half drags because nothing is about to happen in the end. Dulal proposing to Ruma after only 3 days of knowing is ridiculous and unbelievable. Just because you connect with someone for a few moments does not mean you love them. 

I was looking forward to this flick but found it pointless and boring. Which is really sad because this could have been a brilliant film if the story is good and I really, really like Naveen. 


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