Action Jackson

Why did I watch this movie? 2 reasons:
- I wanted to see how low can Bollywood stoop... like what is rock bottom?
- I knew I would last only 15 mins and I did have 15 mins to spare... so... 

This is what happens in the 15 mins:
- Guys in orange suit chase a girl, shoot her in the head and send cars flying around
- There are flying sev puris, flying toothpicks, flying men
- Ajay Devgan feels up his butt and then shakes it with his hands. No matter how hard I try... words will not be able to describe his actions
- When Ajay Devgan sends goons flying off, the lyrics of the song playing are 'Superman'
- Ajay Devgan walks into 'Central' picks up orange underwear to try on, leaves the door of the trial room unlocked and Sonakshi walks in on him, looks at his penis and walks off
- Should I even ask- Doesn't Central have separate trial rooms for men and women? And why was the door unlocked? And isn't there an attendant? 
- Sonakshi is unlucky but after the un/fortunate incident with Ajay Devgan her luck changes. 

That is when we turned it off. I am not insane. I wouldn't watch this crap even for free... not even if someone paid me to watch it... not even a crore rupees would make me watch it... ok, maybe for 1 crore I would.

For those interested, below is the story from wikipedia.
Vishi (Ajay Devgn), a small time crook who would do anything for money. He is attracted towards Khushi (Sonakshi Sinha), simple HR executive, who also has a soft spot for Vishi in her heart. One day Vishi who had habit of getting involved in fights, ends up beating a goon, who later attacks him back with his gang. It is revealed that the person they had beaten is Vishi's lookalike Jay. On another occasion police inspector arrests Jay and hands him over to a group of gangsters. Jay kills them all and goes to Vishi's place. Vishi freaks out on seeing his lookalike but Jay reveals his real identity. In a flashback Jay reveals that he is a professional assassin AJ, who used to work for Bangkok based Don Xavier(Anand Raj). Xavier's sister Marina (Manasvi Mamgai) is been kidnapped by his rivals from were AJ single handedly rescues her. Marina falls for AJ but he rejects her as he is married to Anusha (Yami Gautam). Angered Xavier tries to kill Anusha twice, which leaves her brutally injured. AJ escapes to India and get her treated.
In present time AJ requests Vishi to go to Bangkok disguised as AJ to fool Xavier and his sister, meanwhile AJ gets time to get his wife operated who is expecting a baby. Vishi agrees to help and goes to Bangkok along with his friend Moosa (Kunaal Roy Kapur). They manages to fool everyone for few days, but Xavier gets suspicions. Marina tortures Moosa to find out the truth. They later kidnaps Anusha and her new born baby and calls AJ. It is then revealed that AJ and Vishi had already switched places and the person at Bangkok is the real AJ. In the climax AJ kills Xavier, Marina and their gang. He rescues Anusha and their baby before returning to India.


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