Tanu weds Manu returns

There were no reviews of this movie on or film companion youtube channel till last evening. I was not very impressed with the first part. In fact, I don't remember watching the entire flick. So there was no chance I was going to spend money on this one. But then reviews on twitter from people who I follow and who follow me back convinced me and we watched it today.

It has been directed by Anand L. Rai and stars Kangana Ranaut in a double role, R. Madhavan, Jimmy Shergill, Deepak Dobriyal and Sawara Bhaskar. 

The story is nothing new. It is about what happens once you are married. We all know it is not fun and games. Manu (Madhavan) and Tanu (Kangana) are living in London and frustrated after 4 years of marriage. A fight and Manu lands up in the mental asylum and Tanu flies back to Kanpur. Both deal with the breakup of their marriage in different ways- she starts flirting with ex lovers and he falls in love with a look like- Kusum. In the end, they obviously get back together after a whole lot of drama while Kusum (the 2nd Kangana) gets her heart broken.
The movie is filled with clich├ęs but they work... quite well, actually. There wasn't even a moment when I was bored. The situations are funny and I did not look for logic.... for once. 
If I write about the situations here they will end up sounding weird but in the movie they are funny. 

And here are some thoughts about the flick:

- The first fight between Manu and Tanu is so real. KC and I have fought like that so many times. There are points in a marriage when you wonder- what is the breaking point? Where do you draw a line? Or are the lines - infidelity, domestic violence etc etc (I cannot think of any other major issues) and any issue not as large as these is workable? How do you maintain the spark? How do remember after 4 years why you fall in love?  These are questions that every couple (married or live in) ask themselves every few months or every year. And no, having a baby is not the answer. 

- Manu Sharma is a loser. Not because he is overweight. He is a nice guy, dependable, makes decent amount of money, is reliable, fairly stable, normal, regular kind of guy. But... he can fall in love with any woman. I know guys like him. Like he says in one scene "If I don't stand by my commitment, who am I really?". It is also understandable why a woman might fall for him. Guys like him are hard to come by. But he is not funny or exciting or romantic. Tanu adds the spark in his life. Sounds perfect on paper. Opposites attract and yet... there has to be a common denominator between 2 people to make the relationship last forever... something stronger than love. Much stronger.
I also understand why he falls in love with Kusum:

  • Rebound
  • It is so much easier to start over with someone new than try and work things with someone "old"
  • Tanu says a lot of mean things to him and then he finds Kusum who is ready to fight the world for him. It is an ego boost and difficult not to succumb to

- Tanu is a spoilt brat. She does what she wants, when she wants without thinking of the consequences. She has had multiple lovers and when her husband of 4 years sends her a divorce notice, she goes out and flirts with her ex-lovers to boost her ego. Understandable. In the opening scene she says "I love him but I don't like him". Is it possible to love someone you don't like? I don't think so. Liking someone is more important than loving them. Like, Indian parents. They will disapprove of everything their kids do but proclaim to "love" them. That isn't possible. 
In the end she is helping out with Manu and Kusum's wedding arrangements and I wondered how can she change into a responsible, considerate adult suddenly. But then we get to know she is just trying to win back Manu. Smart girl. Won't go down without a fight. 

- Kusum is an independent Haryanvi girl who is studying in college. She is too young for Manu but probably falls for him because nobody else has loved her like this. I loved her spunky attitude. There is a scene where Tanu calls her "gavar" and her comeback is applaud worthy. She totally puts Tanu in her place. 

I loved this movie even though I didn't like the first one. A stunning Kangana in both roles which are like night and day is ably supported by a stellar cast like Jimmy Shergill (can we please see him in a lead role? He is so hot and fabulous), Deepak Dobriyal and Swara Bhaskar. 

Go and watch this one. You will enjoy it thoroughly. I plan to watch it again. Anyone who wants to accompany me in Delhi NCR? Applicable only if we have met atleast once. 


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