Saving Mr Banks

I watched this flick over the weekend based on a friend's recommendation. 
It stars Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as Pamela Travers. 
It is a true story about how Disney persuaded ill tempered Pamela to give him the rights of her stories on 'Mary Poppins'. 

He had promised his daughter that he would make a movie on the story but Pamela refused to give the rights for 20 years. When she faced economic issues, she decided to meet Disney and be part of the creative team working on the movie. Through flash backs we get to know that the character- Mary Poppins, is extremely personal to her and she is very hesitant to hand it over to Disney.

In the end, the movie of course gets made. The movie overall is fun... there are few weepy moments which is good. Emma Thompson is damn good... so is Tom Hanks.

What I did not like/understand was how can a person like Pamela have written such imaginative books??? And how does someone survive despite being ill tempered? I did not get THAT. And how can someone get so affected by life to completely turn off?

Overall, I found the movie ok. Nothing great.


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