I had the misfortune of watching this flick yesterday. I had read "ok ok" reviews online and didn't want to waste my money but KC was keen on watching it. So I downloaded it. 

The Bollywood movie is based on a Malayalam movie and is supposedly brilliant. No such luck in the Bollywood version. 

The flick has been directed by Nishikant Kamath and stars Ajay Devgan, Tabu and Shriya Saran in lead roles. They are supported by Rajat Kapoor, Ishita Dutta and Mrunal Jadhav. 

The first half is a sleep walk. It is cliched and stupid. You see Vijay (Ajay Devgan) with his wife Nandini (Shriya) and 2 daughters- Anju (Ishita)- the elder one and adopted and Annu (Mrunal). being a family from Sooraj Barjatya's era. To show how healthy the family is, we are told that Vijay and Nandini have sex despite being married. It is quite nauseating. The idea of Ajay Devgan having sex with any woman itself is nauseating.

Anyway, things go downhill when Anju goes on a trip and bumps into Sam- Meera's son. Sam is a pervert and loves taking videos of girls. He hides his phone in the women's bathroom and shoots Anju taking a bath. Then he comes to her house and proceeds to blackmail her. She informs her step mother- Nandini and both women confront him in the house when Vijay is not around.

Here is what would happen normally- both women overpower him, take the phone, call the cops or call Vijay or destroy the video. 

This is what happens in Bollywood - Nandini falls at his feet with cliched dialogues like "Bhagwan ke liye hume chod do. Humne tumhara kya bigada hai?" 
I was literally trying not to puke at this scene.

Anju hits him with a stick and he falls dead.

Vijay comes home and decides to hide all evidence and get rid of the body. Everything is going according to plan except his enemy- a police officer sees him in Sam's car. 

When Inspector General Meera (Tabu) cannot contact her son for 3 weeks (yes, 3 weeks. She is definitely not an Indian mother), she starts investigating. Vijay and his family are called for questioning, they are harassed, beaten, abused... but they do not break. 
Please note here that at no point does Meera investigate anyone else. She also does not know why Vijay would harm or kidnap her son. There is no motive and yet 30 minutes of the movie are spent on harassing the family. Just like a regular Indian cop. 

Rajat Kapoor plays Tabu's husband very half heartedly. I can literally hear him thinking "This is torture but am going to sleep walk because money. So much money". 

Even when Rajat and Tabu find out that Sam took videos of Anju taking a bath, they don't look shocked or upset or devastated. 

I am not sure what people liked in this shitty movie. I was glad when it was over. The idea is good but the execution is terrible and unconvincing. 
Avoid the movie and avoid the people who liked it. 


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