Now You See Me

I don't know why I watched this movie after 3 weeks of its release. I guess the reviews online did not sound too exciting. 
The flick is about 4 magicians.... they get together and create the biggest magic... they rob banks and give the money to the audience. The FBI and a TV guy- who exposes magicians' tricks is on their lead. 

It is Hollywoodish... but I liked the movie. It was fast paced throughout. Most reviews said that the end is not as great as the build up.
I don't agree... there is suspense and I did not guess it. 

The movie stars Jesse Eisenberg (Of Social Network fame), Morgan Freeman and other unknown stars (unknown to me). When I watched Social Network I wondered what kind of roles can an ugly guy like Jesse get. I was wrong. He looks awesome in this flick. 

Worth a watch in the theatre. 


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