Ankhon Dekhi

I am making full use of my illness by watching movie pe movie. 
Where was I when this flick released? Why haven't I heard of it? 
What is this movie about? I don't know... atleast not very clearly. It is about a family living in Delhi... their ups and downs... the usual travails of a joint family... and then splitting up... but more importantly, it is about Bauji- an old man whose life changes when he decides not to believe anything he has not experienced. It takes on a hilarious turn because he quits his job, stays at home surrounded by coterie who encourage his idiosyncrasies. It, of course, does not end well.

I loved the casting... most are new faces except for Rajat Kapoor, Sanjay Mishra and Namit Das but they all play their characters well. I love... love... love the authenticity of it. Its 'real' Delhi with the tiny houses... winters... gossiping neighbours... 
And real situations... families fighting in a joint family but extremely unhappy when they split up... your uncles/aunts loving you more than your parents... 

Its genuine and authentic down to the loose fitting pants of Rajat Kapoor. Made me wonder... he could have worn tight fitting pants... who would have noticed? But he didn't... that's how much thought has been put into it.

The music by Saagar Desai is too good. Written and directed by Rajat Kapoor, this is a flick everyone should watch. 
I loved it. 


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