Guddu Rangeela

Few weeks back we wanted to watch this flick mainly because of Arshad Warsi and the song "Mata ka email aaya hai" but we didn't get time, thankfully. I downloaded the flick and watched it over the weekend. Ok, ok, I didn't really watch it. It played in the background while I was busy with something else. 

Rangeela (Arshad) and Guddu (Amit) are wedding singers who are informants for thieves. They give information about how much money families, at which they sing, have and the right time to steal. But they want to get rich so they take up the job of kidnapping Baby (Aditi Rao Hydari) who is the niece of Ronit Roy- a local goon and politician. 

There is so much going on that am not sure which bit to talk about:
- Baby's sister was killed by Ronit Roy and she is out to get revenge from him. She has taped him having sex with other women. The evidence could destroy his career as a politician.
- Rangeela's girlfriend was from an upper caste while Rangeela is from lower caste. They cannot get married because of all the opposition. I think Rangeela even thinks she is dead and finds out in the end she is not. The main person to oppose them was Ronit Roy.
- There is a lot of fighting in the end. Even though the cops and the government is supporting Ronit Roy, Guddu and Rangeela manage to annihilate him

Avoid this flick. The story is not new. Sure, the director- Subhash Kapoor, tried to have a rustic setting and all, but it doesn't work. Terrible flick. Arshad Warsi is good. So is Aditi. Amit Sadh needs to up his game. Ronit Roy is fabulous as always.


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