I watched this flick today. It has been a much awaited movie since it has a new and different pairing. Dhanush and Sonam Kapoor. I did not think very highly of Dhanush... his only claim to fame is 'Kolaveri Di' which is a bad song anyway.

The movie is about Kundan (Dhanush) who is from Varanasi and madly in love with Sonam. Like a regular school guy, he tries to woo her by stalking her. She slaps him... 16 times... and then gives in. Since she is still in school, her parents find out and send her off to Aligarh. She returns 8 years later... Kundan is still in love with her... but she has moved on... to someone else. Enter- Abhay Deol- oh so hot.
It is a love triangle and the end is unexpected.

I loved the 1st half... it is funny... the story moves at a fast pace. It goes downhill in the 2nd half with too much rona dhona. And yet, overall it is good flick... a different movie...

Dhanush is awesome... he steals every frame. He can act so well... and dance too. I don't remember the last time I saw someone dance with so much enthusiasm. I guess it is the South Indian effect. Sonam is ok... artificial but blanketed by Dhanush's genuineness. Abhay Deol is all hotness... he has Delhi vibe. I loved the chemistry between Sonam and Abhay (didn't see it in Aisha) but here it is very, very believable.
The songs are awesome and I am going to download them tonight.

The cast is very strong- Swara Bhaskar shines in every role in every movie, Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub as Kundan's friend is pretty good.

Worth a watch!!!


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