Miss Lovely

I didn't watch this flick in the theatre 'coz the reviews were confusing but I was waiting to watch it on my laptop. Finally, managed to do it last weekend.

The movie is about the C grade movie industry in the 80s. Vicky (Anil George) makes the C grade movies... while Sonu (Nawazuddin Siddique) assists him. Vicky is immoral... he cheats on his wife... sleeps with his heroines... cheats even on his mistress. Sonu does not like doing the dirty work and is trying to break out. The feeling gets intense when he meets Pinky (Niharika Singh)... I don't know when that happens... but Pinky turns out to be a prostitute and breaks his heart. Vicky also betrays him and he is imprisoned. Thats when I switched it off.

The movie is shot like a Ram Gopal Verma movie with weird angles making it very 80s art film like. It is like the director Ashim Ahluwalia only wanted to win awards and made the flick only for this purpose. I still don't know exactly what was happening...

Horrible... How did it win awards and why are the reviews so positive? I like art films... I dig them... but this one is so damn boring. The actors are good but whats the use?

Avoid!!! A good story down the drain.


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