After reading the awesome reviews, I watched the movie in 2 parts- 1 hour yesterday and 1 hour today.

It stars as Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore and Scarlette Johansson as his love interest (or rather just her voice).
I like how imaginative Hollywood movies can be... and yet some of them take things too far.
Her is one such movie. It is set in 2025.

Theodore is an introverted, divorced man who writes letters for other people as a living. He buys a new OS and prefers a woman's voice to guide him. The voice is Scarlett's who calls herself Samantha. I love her voice... husky... seductive. Theodore falls in love with her. How? Well, she has psychological abilities... can understand feelings... and even feels passion. They even have phone/PC sex.
Theodore does have his doubts about the relationship but then learns about other people who are having such relationships. In fact, his friends accept Samantha among themselves.

And then Theodore gets to know Samantha has been talking to other people and has fallen in love with around 600 or more. And then she leaves... because a group of OS feel they have evolved.

Weird!!! I liked the imaginative part of it... everywhere people are talking to their computers instead of each other. But a guy falling in love with OS??? Having sex with it??? And then getting dumped by it??? Has to be some kind of a loser.
Thank god I didn't watch it in the theatre. It is quite boring.

1 star for the actors and 1 star for Scarlett's seductive voice.


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