Revolver Rani

I like Kangna... I always have... since Gangster days. A fabulous dressing sense always helps. Sure, her voice is a little grating... her pronunciation needs improvement but atleast she can act. Thats more than what I can say about 80% of the actresses today. I didn't watch Revolver Rani in the theatre... am not THAT big a fan but I did catch it on my laptop.

This movie is very important... and the fact that it released right after Queen is significant. You realize how much depends on the director. He/She can make a good actor/actress ham or act. You know where am going with this.

In the 1st scene, the goons are talking about revenge. It is a 10 mins long scene and tells you the entire story... that they hate Alka (Kangna) and want to kill her... because she killed their elder brother (or is it uncle)... they have won elections and ideally, should leave her alone for now... but decide to kidnap her toy boy (Vir Das) instead. Alka, of course, saves her love. And then it is time to establish her back story... which is... that uncle/elder brother harassed her mother after her wife beating father died... she took a knife and killed the harasser and was taken under the wings by a goon... and here she is. Vir Das, on the other hand, is using her to enter Bollywood.
After 20 mins into the movie, I didn't care... it didn't seem worth my 2.5 hours and I turned it off.

If you didn't watch it, you may or may not be smart... but if you did, you are stupid as hell and can easily have a high flying career in the corporate world.

1 star because all the reviews say its worth a watch and am assuming something good happened (maybe director change?) after 20 mins.


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