The Reluctant Fundamentalist

I have been eagerly waiting for this movie. A bad Mira Nair flick is much better than a decent regular Bollywood movie.
I wanted to watch it yesterday but was too lazy... and watched the 9.15 am show.
The reviews were again very critical... they wouldn't know a good movie if it hit them in the face.

I personally believe that the truth is not black or white... truth is grey... what is true for me, may not necessarily be true for you. Everything is based on a perception and which perspective you look at it from, will determine your truth.
The reason I am saying this is.... this movie is not about what happened as we know it... it is about what could have happened and we don't know about it... 'coz its not a very popular story. Get what I mean? No? Well, you need to watch the flick for that.

The movie is about Changez- a Pakistani in America. It is a usual story, where things are extremely bright for him-- a hot gf, a good job... he is on his way in USA. The country has given him opportunities that Pakistan never could. And then 9/11 happens. Everything changes... he is looked at with fear... harassed by the police. This part is not very different from Khuda ke liya. KKL had a very sad ending.

In this flick, Changez moves back to Pakistan... he was not home in USA or in Pakistan.
 Does he become a terrorist or does he not? That is the what the movie is about.

I loved it... couldn't find one thing to fault. Like I said, it is not about what we think happened. Thats not the point. Some critics have said the movie is too critical of America ... well, there are some people who are critical of USA... some people who do not like its interference... its violent policy...

The music is so damn good. Riz Ahmed as Changez is really good. His acting is very subtle and he does not need dialogues to emote. You keep wondering whether he is the good guy or the good guy turned bad.
Kate Hudson is so old and fat... *shudder"... why do these actresses not maintain themselves? How hard is it when they have access to all the beauty/health treatments in the world?
Om Puri and Shabana Azmi, in their small roles, are good. Loved watching Imaad... looking forward to more of his movies.
Chandrachur Singh has a teeny tiny role... he has grown so fat.

Please watch.


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