Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Mara

This flick has been on my wishlist for quite sometime and I decided to watch it this weekend.

The movie is about a retired Hindi Professor (Anupam Kher) with 3 kids- 1 daughter and 2 sons. The eldest son Ronu (Rajit Kapur... like this guy) is working in Merchant Navy and is settled in USA with his family, the younger daughter Trisha (Urmila Matondkar) is working with a NGO and stays in Mumbai with her father and the youngest son is studying in college.

As the movie starts it is shown that Anupam Kher has started forgetting things... and he slowly becomes a victim of dementia... he starts believing he killed Mahatma Gandhi. All the kids have a different way of dealing with it... Trisha is the caregiver... she loves her father and will sacrifice to make him feel better... while the youngest kid is selfish and wants to send his father to an institution. Trisha finds a good doctor Parvin Dabbas who takes up her father's case as a challenge and decides to hold a trial which will free him from the guilt of killing Gandhi. Guess what? Anupam Kher is much smarter than everyone... he knows he did not kill Gandhi in reality... he just meant metaphorically.

I have skipped a few important parts but it doesn't matter because I don't know what this movie is about...

- Is it about kids coming to terms with their parents illness? But it does not highlight it completely
- Is it about death of Gandhi (metaphorically)? But then it does not cover that as a whole. Anupam seems to have a good life.... he even owns a house in Mumbai... which has trees around it. Thats the best life you can expect
- Is it an art movie? Seems quite commercial and not completely based on reality. Which doctor will hire actors and hold a court scene to treat a patient?

I still don't know what its about... worse, I don't know if Anupam gets alright in the end.
Please avoid.


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