The Vatican Tapes

I watched this movie last night with my colleague. Don't ask me why we watched this one. It was the only one playing at a decent hour- after work but not too late. 
The movie stars Olivia Taylor Dudley, Dougray Scott, John Patrick Amedori and Michael Pena. 

This horror movie is about a young girl Angela (Olivia) who lives with her boyfriend Pete (John) and her father (Dougray) comes to visit them on her birthday. A cut on her hand and a raven flying around start a chain of events. People start killing themselves and she starts acting weird. On the advice of a priest (Michale), Angela is put in a mental institution for evaluation. Things get worse and two priests from the Vatican realize that she has been possessed by anti- Christ- the middleman for Satan. One of the priests comes down for an exorcism but everyone except the priest (Michael) get killed. Angela then starts doing miracles by healing people and getting famous- just like Jesus. 
What happens next? Wait for part 2. 

This is such a sad movie and not scary at all. I don't watch too many horror movies because I get scared. Paranormal Activity is the scariest flick I have seen and I couldn't sleep for 2-3 nights after that. The feeling that this could happen to normal people in a normal house was just too much. They should never have shown the backstory in the next part. It was so much scarier that way. 

There is nothing scary about Vatican Tapes. I knew what was going to happen and when. It was almost funny. The entire story sucks except for the twist in the end. 

Though I don't have too many hopes from part 2, am going to watch it out of curiosity. 


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