I wasn't sure if I should watch this movie despite the good reviews. Even City Lights had only positive ratings on all websites. But a stressful and boring Sunday made me watch the late night show.

The movie is about India Pakistan unity with a message that we are same... our food is the same... our houses are the same and we look the same. My hubby and I were discussing what it would be like if there was no partition. He was pessimistic while I was optimistic.

Anyway, the story starts with Sunny (Sharib Hashmi) working as a crew for Americans in Pakistan. He is kidnapped by terrorists by mistake. They were supposed to kidnap one of the Americans and make demands from the government.
The terrorists bring Sunny to a village and keep him locked in one of the villagers' houses. Sunny is a Bollywood buff with the dream of becoming an actor someday while the resident of the house Aftaab (Inaamulhaq) sells pirated CD/DVDs of Bollywood movies. This makes them connect and become friends. But the terrorists play spoil sports.

How does it end? I don't know... it is not shown whether they are killed or they manage to survive and cross the border into India. Thats not even the point.

Loved the movie... and enjoyed it thoroughly. You should too.


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