I am up at 2 am writing this review so I can save some lives, money and time. Please do not make the mistake I did... specially not at increased ticket prices. 
Let me start by saying that I have not liked Rajkumar Hirani movies. I thought 3 idiots was stupid... it made Chetan Bhagat's book seem so much better. I walked out of Lage Raho Munnabhai because I couldn't tolerate the sentimental shit and watched the 2nd part on TV. 
I didn't know what to think about PK but all the hype around it drowned my sceptical thoughts. Lesson learned in 2014- good movies usually come without the hype. Example, Queen. It is still my top movie of 2014.

PK is the story of an alien played by Aamir Khan who lands up on earth to research on earthlings. Someone steals his remote/locket which would help in calling his spaceship for return. He meets Sanjay Dutt in the village of Rajasthan who takes care of him. He then travels to Delhi in search of the locket where everyone asks him to contact 'God' for help. Which he does... and bumps into Anushka Sharma. She hears his story and takes him under her wing. For the rest, refer to Oh My God- the movie starring Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar.
I am surprised nobody has called it plagiarism because it seems like it. Aamir Khan has bulked up and I don't know why. Can I please see some 'real men' in movies? Not you... Sonu Sood... I like you bulked up. And real men does not mean excessive chest hair and flab... I mean, enough bulk to make you look fit but not so much that you look photoshopped. Whose idea was it to show Aamir naked? I cringed at that scene. It worked well to extinguish my libido.. for the next 6 months. 

Anushka Sharma is looking pretty... Sushant Singh Rajput as her love interest in a small role is sweet. Kaushal Kishore is good but not a patch on Mithun as the villain god man in Oh My God. Sanjay Dutt is looking his age which is good. 

The 1st half is funny... I was seated next to 2 giggling aunties who would laugh even at the non funny bits. The 2nd half is torture. There is an over use of glycerine, lots of preaching by Aamir, flashbacks getting repeated, unnecessary bomb blast and I guessed the climax in the beginning itself. Except for 1 song the music is very sad but then RJH movies are not really known for their music. 

Pathetic movie. Complete let down. Over hyped. RJH needs to tone down the Bollywoodish treatment and employ a better editor. 

I would have walked out after the interval if my 'pati parmeshwar' didn't want to watch the entire movie. 


Anonymous said...

May be you saved my 2 grands and time.


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