The Judge

I wanted to catch this movie in the theatre but could not (time? patience? interest? I don't know).

I watched it yesterday.
The story is about everything... and I mean everything- it has sarcasm, drama, emotions, rona dhona, a little bit of romance... no sex though (damn).

Robert Downey Jr plays Hank, a successful lawyer getting a divorce from his wife because she cheated on him and fighting for custody of his daughter.

When his mother passes away he rushes home to his brother- Glen (elder) and Dale (mentally ill) and his father- a well respected Judge- Joseph Palmer played by Robert Duvall.
Hank and his father do not get along... as a 17 year old he had crashed a car with Dale in it. That crash is responsible for the mental illness and Joseph sent him to juvenile detention to teach him a lesson. Ultimately, Hank got into law school and turned his life around but his relationship with his father deteriorated.
The day after his wife's funeral, Joseph is charged with running over a guy called James Blackwell. James was given a lenient sentence by Joseph and sent to prison only for 30 days. Once he got out he killed a 16 year old. So, Joseph did have a motive to kill. Only problem is he could not remember killing him.
Hank fights the case and Joseph is sentenced to 4 years in prison but released after 7 months. And he dies the same day.

Points to note:

- Hollywood can make such cliched movies... sometimes worse than Bollywood. The Judge is filled with many such cliches
- Hank meets his ex girlfriend who is STILL in love with him. Really? 20 years later and she could not find another guy? Seriously?
- Hank makes out with his ex- girlfriend's daughter without knowing who she is. Later, there is a possibility that she is his own daughter. I want to watch THAT movie. How much fun will it be... NOT.
- There is so much crying in the movie... everyone is sad and miserable. Makes you feel like growing old is the worst thing in the world
- Hank's other 2 brothers have no role. They are just fillers in the scenes

An ok ok watch. Be ready to feel miserable and cry buckets.


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