Pirates of Silicon Valley

When I complained on fb how bad 'Jobs' movie is Rish recommended I watch this flick and so I did last night. 

The movie is based on Bill Gates and Steve Jobs- how they started their business and their interactions with each other.

It stars Noah Wyle as Steve Jobs, Anthony Michael Hall as Bill Gates, Joey Slotnick as Steve Woznaik and Josh Hopkins as Paul Allen. 

It is based on the novel 'Fire in the Valley : The making of personal computer' which I will read next... as soon as I finish 'The End of Innocence' by Moni Mohsin.

The movie starts with their life in college and ends when Steve Jobs is fired from Apple. Since it released in 1999 it ends at 1997 when Jobs joined back Apple after the acquisition after their acquisition of 'NeXT'.

The movie is brilliant... it covers every important milestone of Jobs' life. Can't say about Bill Gates because I know little about him. I guess it is time to read a book about him now. I found the portrayal of Jobs more realistic here compared to the movie 'Jobs'. In this movie he comes across as a normal guy while in the latter he is portrayed as someone a cut above the normal from the first scene itself. 

I absolutely loved the interactions between Gates and Jobs. They are explosive even in books and this movie brings that out well vis a vis 'Jobs' where Gates is almost non existent. 
This is a must watch movie... it is everything that 'Jobs' should or could have been. 


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