Dum Laga Ke Haisha

OMG!!! I read a lot of good reviews on twitter but then it's so unreliable. You hardly ever hear anything negative before the movie releases so I brushed them off. Then my reliable reviewer Anupama Chopra announced that she is down with swine flu and so I turned to the other reliable reviewer When rediff gave a thumbs up I booked the tickets.

It is a YRF movie directed by Sharat Katariya and produced by Maneesh Sharma (of Band Baaja Baaraat fame). It stars Ayushmann Khurana and Bhumi Pednekar in leading roles. The supporting cast has Sanjay Mishra, Alka Amin, Sheeba Chaddha and Seema Pahwa. 

It is about a good for nothing 10th fail 25 year old guy- Prem (Ayushmann) and a B.Ed pass plus size woman Sandhya (Bhumi). Prem's parents - Sanjay Mishra and Alka Amin want to marry him to Sandhya because she is educated and will earn money which will help them financially. But Prem wants someone good looking. He has no say in the matter though and is married off to Sandhya. 

Obviously the marriage does not start off well and Sandhya does not understand why Prem looks so grumpy all the time. She does manage to seduce him once but things don't improve. 

After a horrible scene in front of Prem's friends, Sandhya walks out and files for divorce. Her parents are not supportive of the decision but have little say in the matter. The court asks them to stay together for 6 months and then decide whether they still want to get divorced. 
That's when feelings develop and both start understanding each other. In the end, they participate in a race where the husband has to finish an obstacle race carrying his wife on his back. And well, Prem and Sandhya win. 

What I loved about the movie :

- The setting. Set in Haridwar and Rishikesh the environment is so authentic

- The layers in the movie. You understand what Ayushmann is feeling and going through. He feels like a loser and does not understand why he has to be married to someone fat. While all his friends are successful and with good looking partners. At the same time, he feels inferior to his wife who can speak good English, is educated, confident and sensible

- Bhumi is soooo good. She is so perfect- educated, confident, head strong, independent, gives it back to her in laws and good-for-nothing husband. You really feel for her. She is not someone you can walk all over. You really feel sad when she is sitting on the steps and crying. It's not her fault she is fat and married to such a superficial guy. All she wanted was someone educated but because Prem's parents lied she is married to a loser. She deserves better

- The supporting cast is so damn good. I love Sanjay Mishra. Please do watch him in 'Ankhon Dekhi' - probably the best role of his career

- The last scene where the couple participate in a race is the best. You know they are going to win and yet you hold onto your seat, praying for them to win. It reminded me of the last scene of Lagaan.

- The music is good. Kumar Sanu is great. Miss his legendary voice.

- The dialogues are out of this world. Hilarious

- The progression from hatred to love for Ayushmann is quite real. It does not feel stilted or unnatural at any point of time

- There are scenes where Bhumi look so sweet and you wonder why Ayushmann does not like her. She looks pretty too and you realize beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. 

- At the end, I didn't want to leave. I wanted to watch more of this feisty couple. What happens next? Do they live happily ever after? I hope so. There is potential for a sequel

- Ayushmann and Bhumi deserve awards for this flick. 

I rate this movie 10/5. Yes, a first. And am going to watch it again... with or without company. 


Ritesh Mehta said...

Agree for 10/5 ratings. Thumbs up for the movie.

By the way, you have switched to Bharti from Bhoomi mid-way in the review.

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