I watched this movie a few weeks back and am reviewing it only now. For some reason, I have 2 CDs of this movie... yep, de cluttering is on the cards. 
The movie stars Om Puri, Shabana Azmi and Madhuri Dixit and directed by Sudhir Mishra.

Rajkaran (Om) is married to Kumud (Shabana). They live in a one room kitchen in Dharavi slums with their son and Rajkaran's mother. Rajkaran is ambitious. He wants to improve his lot in life while his wife Kumud is satisfied with how much they have. 
Raj is saving money to open a cloth dying factory but when one his friends pulls out his investment, he turns to the underworld dons for a loan and gets pulled into shady dealings.
Of course, it does not end well.

I got very bored with this movie and turned it off mid way. I like grimy, dull movies if they are realistic. This one is not an 'arty' flick. It is a commercial movie which is dull and grimy. Rajkaran imagines that Madhuri Dixit who is an actress is in love with him and he is discussing his problems with her. 
Not a good flick. Very disappointed. 


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