So after deciding not to watch another movie I downloaded this flick. How cool is it when copies are available on the same day?

Before I write the review... we turned it off in 45 minutes.

Parineeti Chopra is studying in college and works as a sales girl at Bata. Bata eventually fires her for taking an emergency sick leave. Why have they not sued or did they deliberately want to show themselves as assholes?

Anyway.... all her suitors demand dowry and her father- Anupam Kher cannot afford it. She meets Karan Wahi and falls in love with him. They move from meeting for the 1st time to marriage plans in 1 month flat. Did they just want to have sex but Indian values and stuff stopped them? And thats why I advocate premarital sex. It saves marriages because you don't confuse the two. Less chances of divorce.
How many of you remember Karan Wahi from 'Remix' days? You do? Hi fi!!!
Karan's parents demand dowry which Anupam cannot afford. Thats when Parineeti takes things in her hands. She plans to move to another city... pretend to be rich... get Anupam to fix her marriage with the greediest man who will demand dowry and then get him imprisoned for dowry demands. The guy will agree to an out of court settlement and give her a lot of money with which she will move to USA, study further and live happily ever after.

KC's comment at this point- So, are these the 'new' values?

Parineeti and Anupam move to Lucknow and contact guys through matrimonial sites. One of those guys is Aditya Roy Kapoor who runs a famous restaurant in the city.

By this time we both didn't care and I decided to just watch 'The Office'.

Avoid. Regressive... senseless... 3 good actors wasted. What do these actors think when they read such scripts or do they blindly sign anything given by Dharma Productions? How can anyone think this is a good idea for a movie?

1 star because I cannot find zero stars wala photo.


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