The blog where I get my movie recommedations is The blog contributors are part of Bollywood. I know one of them is Varun Grover who is a stand up comedian, script writer and a lyricist (Moh Moh ke dhaage from Dum lagake haisha has been written by him). The other person is cinemasnob (@notsosnob) who I follow on twitter.

I read about this movie on his blog months back and went looking for an online copy. Of course, I didn't find it and then heard news that it is releasing in India soon. The movie has been doing rounds of film circuits and has won many, many, many awards. 

It has been directed by Chaitanya Tamhane and stars newcomers Vira Sathidar, Vivek Gomber, Geetanjali Kulkarni and Pradeep Joshi.

Before I start, I need to warn you about certain things:
- This is predominately a Marathi movie with some amount of English, Hindi and Gujarati thrown in. After all we are a multi lingual society and nobody speaks just one language on a daily basis
- This is an art movie... out and out. So, please don't expect a happy ending or even an ending. Don't wonder why they are showing a lot of irrelevant stuff. Like, I remember watching Nishant and wondering why have to show Shabana Azmi giving her kid a bath. It didn't have any relevance or add to the story
- The movie has English subtitles
- Don't walk into the theatre happy that finally a Marathi movie is playing in NCR. There were a few people who did that yesterday and were bored, I guess

In brief, a sewage worker in Mumbai dies. A folk singer is arrested for inciting the sewage worker to commit suicide with his songs.
But the movie is so much more. And it is so relevant. Specially in today's times when freedom of speech is a luxury... when you could get arrested for saying something on facebook... when AIB gets FIR filed against them for using abuses in their show... when actors get FIRs filed against them for laughing at abuses. Ridiculous, right? Wonder how that happens? Watch Court to find out. 

The movie also talks about below but subtly... very subtly:
- Narayan Kamble (Vira Sathidar) is a folk singer but an activist at heart. He expresses his opinions through his songs. He is labelled an extremist and a terrorist. His weapon of choice? Songs. 

- Vivek Gomber (Vinay Vora) fights cases pro bono or minimum payment for people like Narayan who get entangled in the court's web and it takes years to get out, if they ever do. He has definitely studied abroad going by his taste in Jazz and fine food. You see him shopping at Nature's Basket (???) and wonder how he can afford it. Only to realize that he has rich parents who fund his lifestyle. There are many layers to this man but you only get a glimpse into it and can only guess. You ask yourself - Is he lonely? Does he have any friends? Why doesn't he date? Does anyone understand what he is doing? How frustrating is it? 

- Nutan (Geetanjali Kulkarni) is the public prosecutor. She is tough. She can label you and me as terrorists for breathing. No, no, not kidding. She can... she is that good. You get a glimpse into her life. She finishes work, picks up her son from school, cooks dinner for everyone at home, serves food while her husband and daughter eat the food, has her meal and then works on her case. Typical Marathi home or any middle class Indian home. Where the wife may also earn but she is the one who will cook and clean. She is the one who will serve food to everyone in the family and eat last. You also wonder- what does she believe in? Does she care? What are her views on Narayan? They become clear when the family spends a Sunday at a play which talks about throwing out UPites since they steal jobs of the Marathi manoos. That is not a crime, it is patriotism. 

- Judge Sadvarate (Pradeep Joshi)- What about him? Who is he? A guy decides which one wins - a police state which curbs your freedom or freedom of speech. He is THAT guy who will recommend gemstones and name changes over a speech therapist to a father whose son cannot speak sentences yet. 

- What about the police? How do they investigate cases like these? Are all the criminals in prison that the police has time to go after people who "offend"? 

The topic is so relevant because just yesterday I was called, anti patriotic and a traitor on twitter with threats of being 'thrashed' when I said that J&K residents (current only) should decide what they want- stay with India or join Pakistan or be a separate nation. If I say this in "real" life I could be arrested on a non bailable offence and labelled a terrorist who could potentially harm the integrity and sovereignty of India. Also, it would take my lawyer years to prove my innocence.

Please.... Please... Please... go watch this movie. I am not saying it is above pretension. The director knows his audience well- the film festivals but it still talks about a lot of things that are wrong with our country today. And it is the most real depiction of the Indian judicial system on screen till date. 

And if you are looking for an unflattering review of the movie, read this.
Also, people who criticise me for pirating movies - as long as I spend money on movies like Court, I have no guilt. An Action Jackson does not deserve my hard earned money. 


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