The God of Carnage

I watched the movie "Carnage" long back and it is one of the funniest flicks I have seen. When I saw the ad for the play "The Gods of Carnage" based on the same story, I promptly booked the tickets. 

The play is about 2 couples. Their boys get into a fight and one boy hits the other with a stick requiring a visit to the doctor. The couples meet to amicably resolve the issue. What starts off amicably ends with all of them fighting among themselves- first the couples fight, then the men fight with the women and vice versa, then the two women, then the two men... basically, they end up fighting in all permutations and combinations. 

The play is 1 hr 15 mins with no breaks in between and hilarious. It stars Anu Menon (Lola Kutty), Zafar Karachiwala (Hip Hip Hurray fame) as one couple and Shernaz Patel and Sorhab Ardeshir as the other couple. 

The play does not have a resolution so there were some people whose reaction was "Umm, what was that?" but the point is to show how adults can behave as badly or even worse than kids. 
I need to mention though- the movie is much, much funnier than the play. I would have liked the play more if I hadn't seen the movie.

People- a 3 rating for a play is equivalent to a 4 rating for a movie. I think plays are so much better than movies and have not come across even 1 bad play till date. 
Worth a dekko. 


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