Travelling Pants 2.0

This blog now has reviews of comedy shows, plays and documentaries for the simple reason that the former two rarely have reviews online. 

My colleague wanted to watch a stand up comedy show last week even though she spends most of her time at Bangalore which has a much, much better comedy scene compared to NCR. As luck would have it, she was here on Thursday and we headed to Manhattan.

*Manhattan- you have been missed. Now that my core class is on Tuesday instead of Thursday I can visit again. Yaaaay!!!* 

I watched "Travelling Pants 1.0" with KC 1-1.5 years back and we didn't enjoy it. Atleast not the first half and we walked out even before the break. But I decided to watch the 2nd part because I like Sorabh Pant. He is a absolute gentleman on twitter, very funny in EIC (East India Co.medy) videos/shows and a great orator. 

The theme of this show is travel and Sorabh talks about India in the 1st half and other countries in the 2nd half. It takes a lot of hard work, material (jokes) and talent to make an audience laugh for 2 hours with only a 10 mins break. There are very few stand up comedians (only Vir Das comes to mind) who would be able to do that. 

In Sorabh's words (paraphrasing here) "The 2nd half is more intelligent than the 1st half". 

*I make it a point to say "Hi" to the stand up comedians at Manhattan so they can put a face to their stalker on twitter*

And it is true. The 1st half is more of a warm up for the audience. And if you don't read the newspaper, the 2nd half will fly off your head without comprehension. 

We enjoyed the show. It was lots of fun and worth the money we paid. In fact, I will probably give "Travelling Pants 1.0" another try if it comes to NCR again. 

PS : If you don't like cuss words, please avoid. I don't remember any sexist jokes so the pseudo-feminists can watch this one. 
I have no issues with cuss words (I use them liberally) or sexist jokes (trust me, jokes are the least of our problems). 


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