Go Goa Gone

I was looking for reviews of this movie to figure out if it is worth a watch. Strangely, all the reviews talked about a lot of stuff but none could tell me clearly whether I should watch the flick or not... whether it is worth spending 375 bucks (Gurgaon PVR ticket prices) and 2.5 hours on.
That made me start this blog.

The movie has been promoted as the "1st zombie comedy". Some of the reviews mentioned that the characters in the flick do not know what 'zombies' are. They found this surprising since it is a common term.
I watch movies... the only zombie movie I have seen is Zombieland. So, no... it is not a common term... and common man/woman may not know what it is.

The movie stars Vir Das, Saif Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu, Anand Tiwari and Puja Gupta.
The story is about 3 friends who go for a party on an island in Goa... some drugs are served and all the people who consume it turn to blood thirsty zombies. Our 3 friends, Saif Alik Khan (part of Russian mafia who organized the party and brought the pills) and Puja Gupta are escaping the zombies.

It is a fun flick with witty dialogues, funny moments, lots of curse words flying around... I like the fact that Saif has a Russian accent which does not sound weird (I do not know what Russian accent is like)... his blonde hair is funky too.
The movie is not scary at all... not even a bit... there are moments which do drag and the end is predictable. There is scope for a part 2.

I liked it. Entertaining... something new.

KC's review- There is no logic in the movie.

Umm... who finds LOGIC in a movie about ZOMBIES???

Please leave your thinking cap outside the theatre... it has more logic than Dabaang or Thank You or Jab Tak Hai Jaan.


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