Its a little sad that the original Aashiqui is now called part 1. Its a classic and no amount of remakes can rival  with it.
I watched this one on youtube today. Thankfully, the video is quite good. The only issue was the 'Vaseline Healthy White' in the middle. WTF!!! I am tired of stupid ads following me everywhere. Why will anyone want to star with Shraddha Kapoor in an ad? Is she even a star yet?

The story is about a guy- Rahul who lives with his mother. His dad left them and remarried. He is an angry guy. His best friend is Deepak Tijori... I love Deepak... he has been the perfect friend and sometime enemy to the hero in so many movies. He is my favourite hero's best friend... love his hairstyle... and the clothes too. In this flick, he wears black/yellow suspenders. How cool!!!
Rahul meets Anu Agarwal at the police station. She has just run away from the orphanage where she is kept a prisoner. They both fall in love but the orphanage warden stands in their way. After a lot of running away, escaping, tears and songs... they end up together. But Anu refuses to live with Rahul. She wants to be independent. He enrols her in a typing institute and she stays in a hostel. While going for an interview, she is given the opportunity to audition for a French company as their model. She wins and life changes for her. While Rahul is still singing in clubs and waiting for a break. His mother - Reema Lagoo does not want them to get married until Rahul is settled... so, Anu distances herself. Rahul gets a big break but there is another villain in the picture... who creates misunderstandings. Reema steps in and sorts out the issues...
In the end, Rahul rushes to the airport (helped by Avatar Gill as the cop) to prevent Anu from going to Paris. While Anu misses the flight to stay back with Rahul.

What is required in a movie when an actor debuts? A scene with bare chest... fighting... romance... dancing... singing (lip syncing)... and of course, acting. Rahul does all this so damn well. He is so so so hot.

Anu is very good... it doesn't seem like her 1st movie. She even looks good. The first actress who was not afraid to look dusky. Generally, actresses try to look fair (Rekha, Sridevi etc). Also, her makeup is very light and subtle making her look very nice and real.

The best part about the movie- the songs... so many of them. There is a song every 10 mins and I loved each one of them.

A very good movie. I miss Mahesh Bhatt movies. Wish he would continue directing.

A must watch!!! And no... Aashiqui 2 is not a patch on this one.


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