I know I am expected to review 'Chennai Express' but even this blog could not push me into watching a Rohit Shetty+ Shahrukh combo. I dislike both. Thankfully, the reviews are very scathing and I have saved some money.

I wanted to watch 'Sixteen' in the theatre but missed it. I picked up the CD from a hawker and watched it over the weekend.

It is a story about 16 year olds (obviously) in Delhi.
Ashwin is a middle class guy with an ambitious father... who beats him and wants him to become an IAS. Ashwin's best friend is Tanisha and he loves her. She does not reciprocate the feelings. One day, he proposes but she wants to be friends only... his father finds porn on his laptop and beats him. Tired of everything, Ashwin kills his father with one of his trophies. His mother asks him to run away and takes the blame herself. He runs away to another city and joins a gang. When the gang asks him to kill a man who they are going to rob, he breaks down and returns home.

Tanisha lives with her spinster aunt. She likes older guys and is very mature for her age. Her parents died in an accident. Their PG- Vikram falls for her and she reciprocates. But, her aunt also likes him. Vikram, ultimately, leaves.

Nidhi is the virgin in the group dating a guy. Her boyfriend wants to have sex but Nidhi wants to wait for the right time. Ultimately, she gives in... and gets pregnant. Her friends- Tanisha and Anu rush her to a hospital where things go wrong. She is shifted to a bigger hospital... her parents find out and enroll her in an girls school.
Anu wants to be a model... she sleeps her way through guys. One day, she humiliates one of her ex-bfs and he releases her MMS. She is devastated and thinks about killing herself but her brother's call stops her.

None of the above stories are new... and I don't know how many 16 year olds who would have experienced them. I guess, our childhoods were more sober compared to today's kids.

Everyone has acted well.... but I am glad I did not watch it in a theatre.


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