Blue Jasmine

I just watched this flick. Cate Blanchett won the Golden Globe for this one. Directed and written by Woody Allen, it is supposed to be based on the play 'A Streetcar Named Desire'. It is about a socialite (Cate)- Jasmine who loses all her wealth when her husband (Alec Baldwin)- Hal is caught by FBI for his illegal business dealings. He ultimately commits suicide and Cate loses all her wealth.

Cate leaves New York and moves to San Franciso with her sister- Ginger (Sally Hawkins) to start all over again. Ginger is divorced... she was married to Augie (Andrew Dice Clay) and they won a lottery... but Augie invested the money with Hal who swindled them. Now, both are poor and Augie is resentful of Jasmine.
Jasmine tries to start over... she starts a job as a receptionist at a dentist while taking computer classes. Her plan is to get an interior designing license online. Ginger is dating Chili (Bobby Cannavale) but Jasmine does not like him since he is only a mechanic. Both women go to a party to meet men... Jasmine to move on and Ginger for better prospects. They both fall in love... but it does not work out.
There is a twist in the tale and Jasmine leaves Ginger's house and is found sitting in a park talking to herself like a mad woman.
Jasmine is a psycho after her husband's death. She is lost and unable to come to terms with her state... specially since she is responsible for it.
I love the movie.... it is so awesome... Cate is fabulous... not one gesture/line/word is out of place. It takes a lot of talent to play such a complicated character.
The movie is humorous rather than sad... and I enjoyed watching it.

Must watch!!!


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