Hunger Games : Catching Fire

I had been waiting to watch this flick. I have read all 3 books and loved them.

The movie strictly follows the book (if I remember correctly). Since I have read the books, I know that the series is not about the 'games'. It is about a revolution... against the Capitol. But, people who have only watched the 1st part will be disappointed since it was mainly about the games which were exciting and different. This part is about the beginning of the revolution and 'Katniss' as a catalyst to that. Sure, the games are still there but only in the 2nd half. The 3rd part of the series does not have any games.

The movie begins where the 1st one left off... Snow visits Katniss before she begins the victory tour with Peeta. He is not convinced that she and Peeta are in love. If he is not convinced, he will kill their families. To convince him, they announce their engagement. On the 3rd quell- 75th Hunger Games, Snow announces that the games will have participants from the current victors. And Katniss and Peeta are back in the game.
But, there is a twist. The Head Gamemaker is part of the revolution along with Haymitch.

Superb acting... Newbies may find it the 1st half a drag... but it is an important part.

I loved it.


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