Mickey Virus

I read ok ok reviews when this flick released. I decided to download and watch it. BIG MISTAKE!!!

The movie is about criminals who are hackers. The cops are looking for them. They are looking for a hacker who can help them and come across Mickey... he is lazy, unreliable but brilliant (obviously). I only watched 1/4th of the movie before turning it off... Manish Paul plays Mickey and he over-acts... his Delhi accent is not authentic and doesn't seem effortless. Ellie is the heroine and looks very weird. In her 1st scene, she is wearing a yellow saree with grey black eyeshadow and red lipstick (!!!)... 80s, anyone?

Horrible... avoid. I will give 1 star for some good actors- Manish Choudhary (as ACP) and Varun Badola (as the Inspector).


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