I read mixed reviews about it and wondered if I should watch it or not. I watched it today on google play... rented the standard quality (SD) for Rs 50. The flick is written and directed by Vinay Shukla.

Arunoday is a frustrated script writer looking for a break. His script has been rejected by every producer because it is too dark. His girlfriend Shahana Goswani sets him up with a producer who asks him to write another script. He immediately narrates a story of Panchatantra about a carpenter (Rajpal Yadav) and his wife (Raima Sen). 

The carpenter starts suspecting that his wife is having an affair. To catch her out, he tells her he is going away for a month but hides under the bed. At night she is ready to get into bed with another man when she realizes her husband is under the bed. She pretends that the saint asked her to sleep with another man to save his life else he will die in a month. The husband believes the story.
Arunoday weaves other stories on this... the wife sleeping with another man, get caught and escaping scot free.
The next story is my favorite. Konkana Sen is married to an older Prem Chopra who is a king. He obviously cant get it up and she is frustrated. She eyes the young minister, played by Arunoday, and wants to sleep with him. He has 3 conditions which she has to fulfil. She does the 2 of them... the 3rd is that she will sleep with him in front of her husband. She manages that too. How? You have to watch the movie for that.
The 3rd and 4th stories were quite disappointing. They starred Shreyas Talpade, Raima Sen, Konkana Sen and Boman Irani.
In the end, Arunoday bags the movie.

This movie had a lot of potential but somewhere the script writer could not match up to the 1st and 2nd story and did not even try.

Nevertheless, a good attempt. It did drag in parts... some of the background score was jarring... and the songs were completely unnecessary.

But it is humorous and I enjoyed it.


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