Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge

While reading reviews few months back I came across this movie and put it on my list of 'to watch'. Last weekend I rented it on google play (loving this site) and watched it with hubby.

The movie is 2nd from Y films which is a part of Yashraj Films. Their audience are youngsters and generally star newcomers. I think it is a damn good initiative.
The movie stars Saqib Saleem (from 'Mere Dad ki Maruti' and 'Bombay Talkies'), Saba Azad (from 'Dil Kabbadi'... she plays the young student Rahul Bose falls for), Nishant Dahiya, Tara D'Souza and Prabal Punjabi (from 'Mere Dad ki Maruti').

The movie is about Saqib and Saba... they hate each other. Saba like Nishant... she sends him a friend request from her good looking friend Tara's account. Saqib accepts the request from Nishant's request thinking it is sent by Tara. Saqib and Saba start chatting... Nishant and Tara meet and fall for each other. While, Saqib and Saba become good friends in real life.
In the end, alls well.

A sweet, fun, young movie. All of them can act... the music is crappy... but I like the movie.

Do watch it.


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