The Good Road

I was curious about India's entry to the Oscars this year and managed to find a good print online. Why has it not released in the theatres??? Weird!!!

I am at a loss for words after watching it. Why was this movie picked? Specially when there is a more deserving movie 'Ship of Theseus'. And even though I didn't find 'The Lunchbox' that great it is definitely better than this one. I mean... WHY???

The flick is in Gujarati which is convenient because I speak the language (and read+write it). The movie has 2-3 stories/tracks.
      - A couple are on their way for a vacation and manage to lose their son. Actually, he leaves from the back door of the car when they stop for a break and both the parents do not realize it. He waits at the dhaba where they stopped hoping his parents will come back to pick him up. But the dhaba owner sends him off with a truck driver to the next dhaba where he is sure the parents will make a stop. So, the boy is on his way with the truck driver and his side kick. In the meantime, the parents have realized at the next petrol pump that their kid is missing. They do not realize he got off at the previous stop and head to the police station. The cops start looking for the kid. This twists the story further since the truck driver is carrying something illegal and does not want to get caught. Instead of handing over the kid to cops looking for him, they hide him further. In the end, the boy is found and reunited with his parents.

    - A young girl is looking for a ride to her nani's house and comes across a brothel in the middle of nowhere. She does not know it is a brothel until it becomes night and men come to pick up the girls. She becomes friends with another girl called 'Rinkle' who tries to convince her to join them but she refuses. In the end, she is on her way to her nani's house.

Sigh!!! The movie is deliberately slow like the director was making it for the Oscars specifically. I don't think the Indian audience will even appreciate a movie like this. There are so many better movies out there.




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