The Butler

I missed this flick in the theatre... convincing my hubby also would have been an issue. I finally downloaded and watched it today. I was in the mood for a serious, genuine flick and this seemed like the right flick.

This movie is definitely going to win an academy award for this year. Why? Because most movies who win are:
- Boring
- Weepy
- Serious
- Either based on real life events or extremely far fetched imagination
- Stretched

Yes, I am not in awe of the awards. This movie is all of the above... and you need to be in the right mood to watch it.
It is based on a true story of a butler- Eugene Allen, who was in the White House for 34 years. And... he was black. He was privy to closed door conversations of atleast 4 presidents (Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Reagan). It shows America's response to the black's fight for equality. The Butler's elder son is also part of the freedom movement while his younger son fights for the country in Vietnam and is killed.

It is a good flick... and very creative. Who would have thought of documenting the freedom struggle through a butler's story? Not Bollywood for sure.

Forest Whitaker ably plays the Butler and his wife is played by Oprah Winfrey. The movie is directed by Lee Daniels.

I liked it... the end drags a bit... but thats ok... most Oscar winning flicks do so.

I am taking away 1 star because it is slow.


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