It is sad that Oscar winning movies like 12 years a slave are releasing in India now... almost a year after its release abroad. Why will I spend money to watch a movie 1 full year later? I'd rather download and watch it on my home theatre.
I really wanted to watch Gravity when it released but KC was against it. He does not like space movies (rolls eyes)... don't ask me why. He thinks space is supernatural (rolls every body part).

Anyway, I used my home theatre after almost 2 months for this flick. It deserves to be watched on a big screen. The film is only 80 mins long... again, another reason why I am glad I didn't spend 350 bucks for it.

It stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. They are sent on a mission to space... to repair a telescope. It is Dr Ryan Stone's (Sandra) 1st time in space while Matt Kwolaski's (George) last one. They get news of some cloud debris which is destroying everything in its path and are asked to abort the mission. They do so... and Ryan is detached from the shuttle due to the debris. Matt recovers her and they reach their shuttle... to find that the crew is dead and the shuttle is damaged. The plan is to try and reach the Chinese shuttle which is closest. On the way to ISS, Matt has to detach himself and let go to save Ryan. Ryan manages to reach a capsule but there is no fuel. Depressed, she decides for a painless death by shutting off oxygen but then sees Matt who encourages her to keep going. She uses the capsule to land in the Chinese shuttle and enters the capsule. She uses that to land on Earth.

I was on the edge of my seat... the movie is awesome. It is quite short and gets into the action mode as soon as it starts. I loved it... I am sure it is an awesome watch in 3D.
Movies like these show that there are no rules... a movie can be as short as 60 mins... or as long as 180 mins... it can have only 2 actors or fifty... it can have no back story or twenty... it can build up a tempo in the beginning or jump into the story in 5 mins...

The director could very well have made this like an 'Independence Day'... where Sandra is trying to save the world by repairing the telescope... but he decided to keep it to the point. Lets face it... we generally watch such movies for the action and climax... why not cut out the crap and only show that?

1 star less 'coz I would not want to pay 350 bucks for 80 mins movie.


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