Ek Choti Si Love Story

This movie released when I was in graduate college... there was quite a buzz around the movie then but I didn't watch it. How could I? There was limited pocket money and we didn't spend it on a movie unless it was very, very good.

I watched the movie yesterday. At 2 hours, it is quite long... movies on such topics need to be very short.

The movie is about a 15 year old boy- Aditya Seal who spies on his neighbour- 26/28 year old Manisha Koirala and thinks he is in love with her. He has a telescope and can see everything in her house very clearly... he knows she does not wear her undies after a bath in the evening... she has a boyfriend and how and when they have sex... everything.
After a lot of spying, he musters the courage to tell her he loves her. Her reaction is unexpected... and that makes him cut his nerve. Weird!!!

The story is quite relevant... many teenage boys come of age by falling for older women.

But, the way the movie is made is so boring... there are hardly any dialogues... the background music is awful... anyone watching it in the theatre will be pissed off.

Manisha is a good actress, there is no doubt about it but her dressing is awful... and so is the makeup. It makes her look so old... and I don't understand why they show actresses wearing make up after a bath or in bed. I mean, c'mon... its not like she is so ugly that you cannot look at her without all the make up.

Overall, a very brave movie but with a shoddy treatment. It also stars Ranvir Shorey as Manisha's boyfriend.
Watch it if you have nothing else to do in life.


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