City Lights

So I finally watched this flick yesterday. I like Rajkummar Rao (have liked all his movies till date) and Hansal Mehta is a great director.

The story is not unique... in fact, it has been done to death. 

Rajkummar has a shop in a village in Rajasthan and is unable to pay off his debts. He along with his wife Patralekha (also his real life girl friend) and daughter move to Mumbai. He has a friend in Mumbai and plans to stay with him. But that guy's number is not working and Rajkummar does not even have the complete address. Another guy sees him lost and grabs at the opportunity. He offers him a house for 10k which Rajkummar promptly pays. Few hours later they get to know that the flat is someone else's and the guy has also disappeared. The cops refuse to help and they end up living on the street. A good samaritan helps with finding a place to leave... in an under construction building for a rent of Rs 100 per day. Patralekha takes a job as a bar dancer (because there are no other jobs in Mumbai???) and Rajkummar joins a security firm and makes a friend there.

Everything seems to be going fine... Rajkummar's friend even gives them his house (which used to be a love nest) to stay. And then things go downhill... and Rajkummar makes a plan to get a lot of money.... which leads to his death. But he does get the money or rather Patralekha gets the money and she moves back to the village.

Umm... I am a little confused. Whats so great about the movie? Whats new about it? I mean, after Salaam Bombay any movie on Bombay and its spirit breaking character needs to be super awesome.
The actors are great... both Rajkummar and Patralekha are good... no doubt about it. But that movie has nothing new to offer and it is not even based on reality.
I don't understand what people liked about it... thank god I didn't watch it in the theatre.


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