Happy Ending

Why would anyone want to watch a movie called 'Happy Ending'? Why would anyone pay to watch it? Some of life's questions I have no answer to.

The movie stars Saif Ali Khan, Illeana D'Cruz, Kalki, Ranvir Shorey and Govinda. I watched this movie only for Govinda and he was on screen for less than 5 mins in that hour. Yep, I turned it off after that.

The story is about Saif who is... take a wild guess... a boy-man who cannot commit. I can think of 3 movies where he has already played this character. Why do stars play either themselves or the same character in every movie? And Saif is too old to carry it off now... I mean, he is balding for god's sake. What other sign does he need to play his age?
Kalki plays his crazy girlfriend... a sidey role. She is funny BUT she can do so much better. Why does she sell herself short in these supporting roles. And enough of playing crazy.

The story is like this... Saif is living on the money he earned from writing 1 successful book but now he is broke. His publisher has started promoting Illeana who is a romance writer but who does not believe in romance. Govinda is a Bollywood movie star who wants a successful writer to write a movie script for him and the publisher recommends Saif. Saif meets Illeana and ... well, by this time I was so damn bored I turned it off. Who cares what happens next? Of course, they fall in love... there is a conflict and then they have a happy ending.
The director has not even tried. How can movies like these get funded? How?
Please avoid.
1 star for Govinda. He is the only saving grace in this movie. Sure, Illeana looks good but am not rating furniture in the movie.


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