The 100 foot Journey

When I saw the ad for this movie a month back I told KC we will watch it in the theatre. I love movies about food... it is the Masterchef Australia effect. Need to specify which one since the Indian version sucked big time.

Anyway, the movie is about an Indian family of father, 3 brothers and 2 sisters who move to a French country town after the mother is killed in riots and their life's possessions are destroyed. They get asylum in London but the weather gets to them and the father (Om Puri) decides to move to France. He opens an Indian restaurant in the small town right opposite a Michelin star French restaurant run by a French lady. His children are not in favor of this decision but have to go along with it. Manish Dayal is the chef and the restaurant starts doing well.

The French lady - Helen Mirren is impressed with Manish's cooking skills and takes him under her wings. With his talent her restaurant gets another Michelin star and Manish gets opportunities in Paris. All seems well... Om Puri and Helen start dating... Manish is a celebrated chef but the loneliness gets to him and he decides to come back.... to his love- another chef in Mirren's kitchen and to the French restaurant.

It is a feel good movie... nothing extra ordinary or unpredictable but I love how they talk about food... how they feel the food. Trust me, cooking is an art... some are better at it than others.
I loved Manish Dayal in this flick... I kept wondering where I have seen him and then found it on google... he starred in 90210.

Worth a watch on a weekend when there is nothing to do.


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