The Grand Budapest Hotel

I watched this movie on the flight on Friday. Nope, I wasn't flying business class... I carried it on my ipod touch. I generally do that... carry movies on the ipod when I travel. I get time to catch up on movies and it kills time on the flight. Of course, the movies cannot have too much sexual content. I don't want my fellow passengers to think am watching porn or something.

TGBH is a completely fictional movie... I know most movies are. But this one is a different world altogether. The hotel is located on a hill top and very remote. The few residents of the hotel never interact with each other. The narrator (Jude Law) meets the owner of the hotel Zero Moustafa who tells him the story of the hotel.

Young Zero (Tony Revolori), now the owner, joined the hotel as a lobby boy. The hotel's owner was not known then and the concierge was Gustave (Ralph Fiennes) who had affairs with old, rich women. One of his ladies dies when she returns home from the hotel and Gustave rushes to her funeral along with Zero. In the will, the old woman had left him a valuable painting but her family is enraged. Gustave steals the painting and leaves with Zero. The lady's son (Adrein Brody) frames Gustave in his mother's death and he is sent to prison. Gustave escapes from prison with Zero's help and there is a lot of chasing and killing. In the end, the bad men are killed, the real will is found where in Gustave is the heir of the lady's fortune which includes the hotel. Gustave had made Zero his heir and on his death, Zero becomes the owner of the hotel.

The movie is humorous (not funny) in a very subtle way. Even during tragic moments there is no sadness... you don't get horrified at death... and even though the ending is not happy it does not make you sad. The whole movie is from a different world... I felt like I have entered someone's very colourful imagination.

Do watch it. I am not sure how much I would have enjoyed it in the theatre but on a small screen it was fun.


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