Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi

I watched this flick for the 2nd time because I could not remember much about it.

The movie is set in the 70s and stars Kay Kay Menon, Shiney Ahuja and Chitrangada Singh.

All 3 are friends in a college in Delhi. Siddarth (Kay Kay Menon) is the son of a rich and influential man but dreams of a revolution to end caste discrimination in Bihar. Vikram (Shiney Ahuja) comes from a small town and wants to make it big. Both are in love with Geeta (CS) who loves Siddharth but does not believe in his ideology. She pursues further studies in Oxford where she meets Ram Kapoor (looking slim and hot. Why did he gain so much weight and ruin his looks?) who is an IAS and they get married.

But, there is an underlying unhappiness. Vikram is a fixer in the government and rich but cannot attain his love, Geeta. Geeta is meeting Siddharth on the sly and cheating on her husband. While Siddarth is also on the run from the cops.
Geeta divorces Ram Kapoor and moves to a small village in Bihar to be close to Siddarth and participate in the revolution. When Emergency is declared, the cops round up all the Naxalites and Siddharth and Geeta are caught. Geeta is raped and thrown into prison from where Ram Kapoor rescues her. While Siddarth escapes from prison but the cops pursue him and catch him. He is put in the hospital from where he cannot escape. Vikram comes looking for Siddarth and an accident lands him in the same hospital. At night, Siddarth is rescued by his comrades but Vikram is left in the hospital. In the morning the cops are petrified and decide to kill Vikram, throw acid on his face and just tell everyone he is a Naxalite. They beat him with sticks on the head repeatedly causing severe brain damage. A local politician rescues him and takes him to Geeta.
Siddarth is disillusioned and moves to London to study medicine while Geeta goes back to the Bihar village to continue with the good cause and takes Siddarth along who is now brain damaged but still loves her.

I like Sudhir Mishra movies. The characters have so many layers. There is no good or bad... hero or villain... everyone is gray.
Like Ram Kapoor is technically the good guy but then he rapes Geeta- his wife. Vikram is technically the good guy but he is corrupt. Geeta is technically a bad woman but she follows her heart.
The casting is superb... the acting is superb... the setting is genuine. This is probably the best movie I have seen on Naxalites. It's sad when people like Prakash Jha make dumb movies on Naxalites.

Everyone should watch this flick.


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