Penguins of Madagascar

The penguins were hilarious in the 3 parts of Madagascar. In fact, there were the only bright spots in the last movie which I did not like. I am so glad they now have their own movie.

In the recent past, I have become bored with animated movies. They are predictable, jokes are not as funny and there is a limit to how far cuteness can take a movie. There are very few animated movies I can watch for the 2nd time- the only one that comes to mind is Shrek- the first one. Don't get me wrong- I love animated movies. In fact, I watch each one in the theatre. But somewhere the movies have become predictable. 

I am so glad I watched this one. I saw Anita's post on twitter and decided to go for it. The movie is about the 4 penguins, how they become a team and their next adventure after Madagascar part 3. They are kidnapped by an octopus who wants to take revenge from the penguins for being too cute. The 4 try to stop him along with a polar bear, an owl, wolf and seal. 
We were rolling with laughter throughout the movie. It is so hilarious. 


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