The Iron Lady

This movie has been sitting in my pen drive for months now. Am glad I finally watched it.

The movie stars Merly Streep as Margaret Thatcher. It begins in 2008 when she has dementia, her husband is dead, her son is barely in contact since he is in South Africa and her relationship with her daughter is not too great. She has staff but is very lonely and talks to her dead husband.

The movie keeps going back and forth between flashbacks making it difficult to understand exactly what is going on. But then this is an Oscar winning movie and that's what these movies do... complicate things. It wouldn't have won an Oscar if it was shown chronologically. 

Anyway, the movie touches on a few incidents- how Margaret got interested in politics... her ambitions... getting elected to the House of Commons... proposal of her husband Denis Thatcher... getting elected as leader to the Conservative Party... tackling the economic situation in Britain with unpopular policies... winning Falkland's War... ending cold war... becoming a world figure... 
After which things go downhill... she supported Community Tax... opposed European Integration... and humiliated her cabinet colleagues. Ultimately, she had to resign as PM after 11 years. 

In the end, she packs up her husband's belongings and asks the ghost or hallucination to leave. 

It's a sad movie and not very coherent. Somebody needs to do justice to the story of Margaret Thatcher and focus on her young years instead of when she has aged. 

Meryl is exceptional... she always is. 


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