I downloaded Birdman and Foxcatcher after watching the Golden Globes. Watched Birdman last night because it is  shorter than Foxcatcher. By 15 mins but I didn't have too much time.

The movie is about an actor- Riggan, played by Michael Keaton, who played a successful character 'Birdman' decades earlier. He is putting up a play on broadway to revive his career. There is a lot of stuff about his daughter- Emma Stone who was in rehab for drugs, his divorced wife, his current girlfriend and actress in the play Laura played by Andrea Riseborough. Riggan casts Mike, Edward Norton, in the play but Mike is a little crazy. He is volatile and drives Riggan to the edge.
In the final scene of the play, Riggan shoots his nose with a real gun instead of a fake one. While in hospital, he is very happy with all the good reviews of his play and the standing ovation and jumps off the window.

Yes, he jumps out of the window. I wish he had done that in the first scene itself. It would have saved my 2 hours.

The movie is so dumb and boring. It took all my effort to watch the entire flick.

This one is definitely going to win an Oscar.



Purvesh Gada said...

Wondering If it is so boring, then why nominated for oscars?

Buls said...

Traditionally, the most boring movies win the most Oscars. The awards are given out on the basis of boredom

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